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BOOK REVIEW: “He Who Finds A Wife”

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I was minding my own business when the opportunity to review one of Stephan Labossiere‘s new books presented itself. I jumped at the chance since I have been following his snippets of wisdom via Twitter, and Instagram. I am also quite familiar with one of his earlier books written to the ladies entitled, God Where Is My Boaz.

Stephan Labossiere is a certified relationship coach,  speaker and author. He has made it his life’s mission to equip men and women with the tools they require to get out of their own way and cultivate healthy relationships

This time I got the chance to read his discourse with the gentlemen about their approach toward finding/identifying/choosing a wife named, He Who Finds A Wife.  I was initially excited. I got to be “a fly on the wall” as Stephan shares his wisdom with the brothers. I delved in. I particularly appreciated how the book began. The introductory breakdown is helpful to prepare the interested, and educate the cynic.

As I began to read I gradually converted from being excited to being conflicted. You see I am from the old school where Grandma taught, “play hard to get”, and my Father instructed, “the man does the chasing“. So while reading I have to confess that I struggled to connect with Stephan’s definition of “find a wife”. After all, am I not worth the chase?

Still, I continued reading. As I did, I realized that Stephan was actually making great sense. His counsel is also useful for female readers. This insight is applicable for attracting a successful match on the woman’s end as well. Yet, Ladies if you’re reading I suggest that you don’t become sensitive. Be introspective, glean wisdom where necessary, and move on.

All in all, He Who Finds A Wife is an excellent read. I would describe it as sitting on the couch with a therapist who is sitting across from you, and carefully guiding you through. It is a true counseling session. I personally gained ample understanding from Stephan’s ability to strategically dissect each aspect of the book. At some parts the truth stung, BUT at other parts it also provided clarity that is beginning to result in well needed personal transformation.

Therefore men, if you are not seeing results from what you are currently doing to secure a rewarding relationship that leads to marriage,  think you’re just unlucky, or frightened off – since you believe find = chase, chase, chase, I sincerely recommend He Who Finds A Wife by Stephan Labossiere. It will open you up, build you up, and equip you for success.



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Life Passages X – New Places

Madeleine slowly gazes at the entire quaint book store with intense curiousity. “Um, Did we travel to another time zone, or what?” Madeleine thought to herself as she concentrated on every graphic novel, with weathered covers, and every antiquated, and used book, and dated magazines.

“Earth calling Maddy, come in Maddy!” Devon says while waving his hands in front of Madeleine’s face.

“Uh?” The startled Madeleine quickly utters.

“You’re back from outer space?” Devon asks in a jovial tone.

Madeleine smiles “Haha. Funny!” She replies. “Where did you find this place?” She asks Devon as she gave the shop another full look over.

“Well Mads…Is it cool if I call you Mads?” Devon asks with a smirk.

“Um…sure.” Madeleine replies eagerly awaiting the rest of his story.

“Cool! This is actually my grandfather’s store.” Devon begins to explain. He’s been collecting graphic novels for a very long time, illustrating and writing them too.”

Madeleine’s eyes opens widely. “You’re telling me that your grandfather is famous?”

“Ahhh, I didn’t say that.” Devon quickly interjects. “He’s always been an artist, and worked for a well known company to help publish kids books for some time, but always wanted his own shop.”

“Wow! This is…this is something.” Madeleine responds.

“Right? Hey, Come meet my Grandad.” Devon says quickly, then grabs Madeleine’s hand to lead her over to meet his Grandfather.

“Hey Grandad!” Devon greets his grandfather who is arranging comic book memorabilia behind the cash register.

“Hey, hey, hey there little Devon.” Devon’s grandfather, Solomon replies, while greeting his grandson with a huge smile and warm hug. Looking up from his embrace, Solomon notices Madeleine. “So who’s this?” He asks Devon.

“Oh! Grandad, this is Madeleine.” Devon introduces her with broad arm strokes resembling a game show assistant.

“Hello Madeleine.” Solomon says as he draws closer to her. “You’re one of Devon’s school friends?”

“Yes sir!” She begins “Well, we go to the same school, but we just met.” She continues.

Solomon chuckles. “Ok. So you’re new friends then.” He announces. “What are you kids up to, today?”

“I wanted to get Mads into some exciting novels Grandad. The ones at the school library have got nothing on these.” Devon proclaims.

Solomon lets out an enormous laugh. “Well let’s see what we can find to satisfy the lady.” He utters, as he gestures Madeleine, and Devon to follow him.

Madeleine continues to gaze around the store in amazement. “I didn’t know a place like this existed!” She thought. “I can certainly get lost in a place like this.”

“So here’s the retro Sci-Fi, Fantasy section…” Solomon interrupts Madeleine’s thoughts. Solomon pauses, smiles, and looks directly at Madeleine. “Madeleine are you with us?”

“Yes sir!” Madeleine quickly replies.

Madeleine continues the tour with Solomon, and Devon fully engaged with Solomon’s stories, including offering up questions of her own.

“Mr. Solomon, so uh, Can I come here everyday after school?” Madeleine asks shyly.

Devon jumped right in; “Everyday?…What, are you a rich kid or something?”

“Oh hush now Devon!” Solomon immediately responds to his grandson. “It’s none of your business what she does, and when!”

Devon retreats, while Solomon encourages Madeleine. “Feel free to visit me here anytime young lady!” He says to the slightly shaken young woman, who took some offense to Devon’s words.
“You can come by, and just read if you like.” Solomon continued. “You don’t have to buy something. Devon is just jealous anyway. Basketball practice takes up most of his week, but he wishes he could consume books everyday.”

Madeleine nods, and puts out her hand to shake Solomon’s. “Thank you very much Mr. Solomon, but I have on intention of being a freeloader.”
After a firm handshake, Madeleine stares at Solomon, and continues. “Thanks for everything. I will be back”. She then walks toward the door as though Devon doesn’t exist.

Devon looks at his Grandfather puzzled. “Go after her Junior. What’s wrong with you?”

Devon staggers for a second then runs out after Madeleine.

To be continued…



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