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What’s the SCORE? – A Week of TV Premieres


I know, I know it has been a while since I have posted.  …Life! …Oye!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right?

Well I am here to report on my observations about the first week of  new television premieres for those brand new series which caught my eye, and one Sunday favorite which has returned.

I have given – those I was able to watch thoroughly –  a score between 1 and 10 with 1 being “I don’t plan on ever watching again” to 10 being “I totally LOVE this show!!!”

Take a look at these scores, and pitch in with your own opinion. Give a score of your own, your thoughts about this list or add some other programs you would like to weigh in on.

Here goes:

  • Monday, September 23rdHostages (CBS) – Score: 7
  • Tuesday, September 24thAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC) – Score: 8,5
  • Wednesday, September 25th –  Lucky 7 (ABC) Score: 6.5 
  • Thursday, September 26th –   Michael J Fox Show (NBC)  Score: 9
  • Friday, September 27th Master Chef Junior Edition (FOX) Score:
  • Sunday, September 29th Once Upon A Time (ABC) Score: 7.5
Since no program scored a “1”, I watched them each again to determine whether their initial score would stick. They all pretty much did.
So this is my #TVWatch2Cents, what’s yours?

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Michael J Fox Returns to NBC This Fall


Michael J. Fox returns to television this Fall!

Is anyone else as excited as I am?

Ok, so the thing is Family Ties was actual appointed family television viewing in my house as a kid.

I was a huge fan of the character, Alex P Keaton played by Fox on the sitcom. Alex was unapologetic about his unique beliefs, as a teenager, and had the most entertaining approach to all his passions…and shenanigans. Though it appeared that he throughly annoyed his siblings and was at times tolerated by his parents, who could resist falling for this one-of-a-kind, and outspoken character of that television period.

Although his Family Ties character stands out most prominently for me, Fox is also memorable for movies – Back to the Future anyone? –  and other television progams like Spin City where he also served as Executive Producer. There was also much talk about his appearances on The Good Wife recently.


Despite his personal battle with Parkinson’s disease, since he was diagnosed in 1991, Fox continues to be a brave face of activism for the illness. He is unashamedly outspoken, and not afraid to laugh at himself. This is quite evident in his upcoming series; The Michael J Fox Show scheduled to premiere on NBC on September 26th.

The sitcom will be based on Fox’s own life. The premise is:

“After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Mike Henry had to give up his career as a news anchor and focus on his health and his family. Five years later, Mike decides to get back to work and struggles between family and career.”

From what I have seen thus far, it appears that the program will provide organic and an authentic belly-full-of-laughs.  Please see a video trailer, photographs and more about the upcoming series here: The Michael J Fox Show | A Family Comedy | Pics & Videos | NBC. ….And be sure to check it out next month!



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