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Messages From Beyond The Moon II: Get Ready For The Joy…

Hey, You’re back!

So you’ve decided to believe that I want to be smack in the middle of everything concerning you huh?

You believe that I will, and can do whatever needs to be done to get you to where I have already predesigned for you to be.

Okay then.

See the big smile on my face?

Faith gets me excited.

Get ready for a big old belly laugh next.

Wait. You didn’t know that I smile…even laugh?

Where do you think Joy came from in the first place?

Your level of Joy, even happiness, is very important to me by the way.

Let me help you get…and stay there.

Enough for each day.

Joy when life feels like an uphill climb and you don’t even feel like faking a smile.

Let me help you get…and stay there.

Joy when everything around you is crashing to the ground and too many voices are too loud to decipher.

Let me help you get…and stay there.

You see, you need Joy.

Joy isn’t fickle. Joy can take a hit.

Happiness is all good. It’s cool too. But it tends to rely on circumstances to show up.

Joy runs deep. Very deep.

Joy can bench-press happiness and some more stuff.

Oh Joy…Joy carries the strength to take the next step though your feet feel like clay.

You’ll find it-Joy-when you draw near and just sit…sit with Me.

Sit and talk. Sit and sing Me a tune. I’ll sing one back you know?

Just sit with Me a while. I will give you Joy. Joy will give you strength, and you will be able to go on.

You will be able to step over, leap across and win. Win at life.

Sit with Me a while and get ready for the Joy.


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Life Passages III – The Exit

“I’m Leaving!” Kyle anxiously announced.
“What?…No!…Kyle, what do you mean you’re leaving?” Beverly responds in disbelief?
“Huh?…What do I mean?!” He scoffs. “Seriously…You really think I should stay under these circumstances Beverly?!”
“It’s not that bad…right?” She tries to placate him. “What can I do to make you stay?”
“At this point Beverly; Nothing!” He proclaims emphatically. “I’ve tried to ignore the problem, I’ve tried to come up with my own creative fix but things
keep getting worse.”
“I will deal with it right now!” Beverly endeavors to assure Kyle.
“You had too many opportunities to do something…” Kyle peers at Beverly. “Sorry, I’m leaving!”
As Kyle turns to walk out the door, Beverly jumps to her feet.
“Kyle, wait!…I’m making the call now…I will report the CEO’s shady dealings.” She said with a stern face.
“We can’t afford to loose you – such a valuable employee!’


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Life Passages I – Commitment

“Why are you here?” She asks.
“I’m here…I’m here because I have something to say.” He stumbles to communicate.
“Well, what is it then?” She requests adamantly.
“I want to say that this does not make any sense. I don’t need to leave…” He began “I know how I feel and…we can do this. We can most certainly do this. It will only take us hanging in there.”
She sighs. “That sure sounds like a “different tune”” She illustrates with by signing quotation marks. “I have been waiting for you to get it together. I have been waiting for you to show me that you care. Clearly…”
He cuts her off. “I do care. I care very much and we are going to get through this. We are going to get through this together…We just are!”
She pauses and stares right into his eyes. “I hear you…I see you but this better not just be talk. I need to see action.”
He smiles smugly with confidence. “You will see action. You will…I can promise you…”
She interrupts his speech. “Well let’s get to it now…I can’t hear one more word…not one more.”
He takes her hand and the pair walk back into the study room, in the University library and re-join their study group.
In the end he made good on his promise. He remained committed to the remainder of the study time before the start of their semester mid-term exam the following morning.


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