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NOC Recaps Supergirl: Strength in Numbers

What have you thought of Super Girl thus far? The TV program shot out of the television programming gates a ratings winner on its debut night. Personally, I am not completely in love just yet. I am not sure if it is because it is a girl hero, and I am still too busy swooning over the male heroes like The Flash or having a tad bit of a crush on Agent Coulson, on Agents of SHIELD. What? What can I say, he has a charm, tone of voice, and one liners that is hard for this woman to resist.

Anyway, back to Super Girl. I will continue to watch. Calista Flockhart is giving me so much “Devil Loves Prada” essence, and quite honestly, Kara is growing on me. What is more, is her tough, yet endearing older sister, Alex Danvers is well cast in Chyler Leigh.

So! Tell me. What are you thinking about the CBS Super Girl series thus far? Weigh in, in the comments and click on the following link to learn more about this superhero series.

Source: NOC Recaps Supergirl: Strength in Numbers 



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‘Person of Interest’ finds traction by killing off character | Toronto SUN


As I watched Taraji P. Henson’s character fall to the ground – in horror of course – I cried out; “Why-Oh-Why are they killing her character off?!”

Then I read the following review via Jim Slotek at the Toronto SUN regarding the aftereffects of the CBS show’s plot twist, and began to get a small grasp as to why the show’s writers took this path. Still it hurts not to see Taraji on the screen.

Read more below…

“For a series that’s been spinning its wheels, Person of Interest sure managed to find traction last week…A series that, I’ve always felt, squandered the Earth-rattling implications of its central premise – the all-seeing Machine – turned to the old tactic of killing off a regular character to re-inject a sense of urgency into the show…”

See the full Toronto SUN review HERE.




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