Life Passages IX – Common Interest

Like studying a book, Madeleine takes every opportunity to observe Devon all while searching for some new and exciting literature in the science fiction section of the school library.

“Hmmm…” Madeleine thought to herself. “He’s a cool jock who’s hiding out in the library, and he even seems nice…What’s he’s story?”

“Found something?” Devon interrupts Madeleine whom he notices clenching a book and gazing in his direction.

“What?…Huh?” Madeleine looks down at the book in her hand. “Um, well it’s…a consideration” She finally manages to say with slight embarrassment.

“Which one is that?” Devon asks as he jumps to his feet and saunters toward Madeleine. He puts his hand out, gesturing for her to pass the book over.

Madeleine awkwardly releases the book she had casually selected. “Oh…ok. Sure.”

“Ah, this one is okay but if you like I can recommend a really good series?” Then he paused. “But it may be a bit heavy if you’re just getting into this stuff.”

“What is it?!” Madeleine asked excitedly. “I’m up for the challenge. I’m all for getting lost in books right now.” Her voice lowers, as though having a side conversation with herself “Clearly, I have no life!”

“What’s that?” Devon looks at Madeleine with a puzzled expression.

Madeleine focuses on Devon again. Her eyes light up. “So what’s this book series?”

Devon laughs softly. “Are you sure you’re ready?” He asks.

“I was born ready!” Madeleine responds with a tone she perceives as a “tough guy” from the movies.

Devon laughs out loud. Madeleine joins in with him until they are hushed by other library patrons.

They look at each other and continue giggling softly

“Let’s get out of here!” Devon eventually says, in a whisper.

“What?…” Madeleine responds

“You didn’t think ‘the best book series’ ever would be in this excuse for a library did you?” Devon interjected immediately.

“Um…I guess not.” Madeleine replied “Ok, let’s do it!”

Devon drops his books and the pair leave the library, just as the end-of-school bell rings, almost in a jog.

To be continued…



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Life Passages VIII – New Friendships

“What haven’t I read yet?” Madeleine thought to herself, as she restlessly walked through the isles of the school library. “I haven’t read just for fun in a while…Hmmm…Let’s see.”

Looking up with her eyes fixed on the section titles, Madeleine stumbles, trips and falls to the Library’s carpeted floor face down. She turns to see what caused her fall and stares directly into the face of Devon.

Devon is a Junior at Madeleine’s high school who takes pleasure in sitting on the floor of the Science Fiction section of the Library. He’s also an atlethe on the school’s track, and basketball teams, but reading is his secret passion.

“Ah, you alright?” Devon asked feeling somewhat ashamed that he was partly responsible for Madeleine’s fall.

“I…I’m alright…I think.” Madeleine slowly responds as she begins to pick herself up and find her balance.

Devon awkwardly begins to stand himself, when it occurs to him that he should probably be helping Madeleine up.

In the process of Madeleine trying to stand and Devon working his way across to her, the two awkwardly clash and find themselves on the floor again.

Madeleine feeling terribly embarrassed immediately, chimes in: “I’m so sorry…Oh my gosh! Why can’t I get it together?”

Devon starts to laugh out loud. “It’s all good…Let’s try this again on 3…1-2-3.”

They both stand, and face each other. Madeleine’s face begins to turn red.
She nervously extends her hand. “I’m Madeleine.”

Devon looks down at Madeleine’s hand, chuckles quietly then extends his own. “I’m Devon…Looks like you crashed my secret hide-out.” He says jovially.

“Oh!..I did? I didn’t mean to…Wait! This is your hide out?” Madeleine continued with a confused look on her face. She did recognize Devon from a school basketball game, she had been dragged to by her former “cool friends”.

“Something like that.” Devon responded. His alethic counterparts have no idea Devon is a closet bookworm. “What got you so distracted anyway?”

“Distracted?…Oh…yeah…I wasn’t quite looking where I was going, was I?” She said with a smile. “I was just looking for something different. I need a book that’s going to transport me somewhere far away today!”

“Oh, ok…Have you seen anything to sink your teeth into?” Devon asked, intrigued.

“Duh!..No! I fell before I could!” Madeleine replied. They both broke into laughter, only to be followed by “Sssshhhhh!” from the Librarian.

The two looked at each other and laughed quietly again.

“Ok, I wouldn’t stand…or sit in your way. See if you find something you like…And, ah…um…if you need…if you need recommendations, I’ve pretty much read about half the books in this section.”

Madeleine looks at Devon as though studying him. “Um, ok…I will…ah…let you know.”

“Cool.” Devon replies. He then returns to his original position on the floor of the library while Madeleine slowly surveys the bookshelves all while intermittently gazing at Devon.

To be continued…


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Life Passages VII – Enough is Enough

“So are you coming?!” Lila eventually screams, after repeatedly asking Madeleine whether she’d join herself and a group of classmates preparing to bail from school after second period.

“You know, I was thinking…” Madeleine finally replied.

Lila rolls her eyes. “What the hell were you thinking, and why?”

“Well I was thinking, cause I was trying to picture 2 futures. One where I leave with you and “the gang”, and another where I remain true to who I am, and what I know, and stay here and go to class…” Madeleine began to reply

Lila interrupts Madeleine. “You know what Chica, I don’t have time for this, and quite frankly I’m getting really tired of your constant weirdness.” She said in a mocking tone.

Madeleine carefully thought then said flippantly; “You know what? I don’t want to waste anymore of your time…and anymore of mine.” Then looking Lila squarely in the eyes she continued; “Have a great life Lila. See you on the other side of High School. I hope it all works out for Ya!”

With her mouth gapped open, Lila stares at Madeleine as she turns and walks down the school hall way to her next class.

Feeling a sense of pride, and confidence; immediately following her class, Madeleine made an appointment with the school counselor to discuss the best track toward the best colleges, and scholarships. Still she felt as though something was missing. She missed being a part of something, and having companionship. Feeling distracted by this issue, she wondered how to fix what she considered a problem.

Madeleine marched off to the school library with no real solution in sight. For now, she’ll return to her old friendship with books…


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It Takes More Than Talent…Rhimes vs. Heigl

The historic Latin writer, Publilius Syrus coined the saying; “A good reputation is more valuable than money”.

This appears to be evident as we witness the reported tension between prime time television leader, Shonda Rhimes and actress Katherine Heigl – a former cast member of Rhimes’ initial hit: Grey’s Anatomy.

There’s been lots of talk about how difficult Rhimes found Heigl to work with. How could this be? Heigl appears so approachable, and all her on-screen characters so believable…even adorable, not to mention she’s the quintessential attractive actress.

Nonetheless her character, from all these reports, is being presented as just plain ugly! Luckily for Heigl, she’s joined the primetime television arena once again with State of Affairs, on NBC. Though her so-called “beef” with Rhimes may not affect the success of the new Fall show in anyway, it will be interesting to see how her reputation transpires on the new set.

All these happenings surely reminds me that success requires more than just talent, and skill.

Learn more about the Rhimes vs. Heigl fiasco HERE!


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Life Passages VI – The Confrontation

“I don’t know what I was thinking?” Madeleine admits to her father; Robert while riding with him, in his car.
“I think I know.” Robert calmly replies.
“Dad, I know…I know! Can I not get a major speech this second?” Madeleine tells her father in a frustrated tone.
“A Speech?..Who said anything about a speech?” Robert responds scarcastically. “I mean this is the highlight of my life. I’ve dreamed and longed for this moment – to get the long-awaited call that my 16 year old daughter has been arrested.” Robert replies.
“Detained Dad!…Detained, not arrested!” Madeleine intensely informs her father, then rolls her eyes.
“Oh! Excuse me for my incorrect choice of words Madeleine!” Robert glances disapprovingly at Madeleine, then back at the road and shakes his head.
“Can I ask you a question Mads?” Robert eventually says after brief silence between them. “Are you afraid to be different?…Does the idea of standing out scare the crap out of you?”
Madeleine glances at her Dad and rolls her eyes yet again.
Following a lack of response from his daughter Robert looks at Madeleine briefly.
“So does it?…Does it frighten you to raise the standard?” Robert repeats.
Madeleine sighs heavily “Dad…” She breathes in deeply. “I have no idea what you’re talking about?”
Madeleine begins to mumble under her breath. “I’m just trying to enjoy my life…fake IDs – Big Deal!…Geez!”
“What’s that?” Robert chimes in loudly.
“Nothing Dad!” Madeleine quickly screams trying to match her Dad’s volume.
“So you’re happy right now – this second – about how your life is shaping up Mads?” Robert interrogates.
“Dad!…Please!…Chill out!” Madeleine buries her head in her hands.
“Ok, I will “Chill out”…Just remember fun ends some time and “cool friends” move on…You better know what you plan to do next!” Robert asserts.
The two continue the remainder of the ride home from the police precinct in silence.





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Life Passages V – The Dilemma

“Did you hear what I said, Mads?” Lila exclaims.

“Huh? …What?” Distracted Madeleine replies.

“Are you coming or not?” Lila quickly responds, in a frustrated tone.

“Coming? …Where again?” Madeleine asks as she mentally resurfaces.

“To the “Hip-Ball”…You know, the hottest underground party of the season?” Lila says excitedly.

“Yeah…Um…Don’t we have to be 18 to get in?” Madeleine asks with a confused expression.

“You know I’ve got that handled Girl!” Lila asserts. “Jonas is already working on the outrageous phony IDs.” Lila roars with laughter.

Madeleine silently ponders for a brief moment. “Ahh…Yeah, I don’t know about that Lila.”

“Huh? Why the heck not Mads?” Lila asks flabbergasted.

Madeleine pauses to consider her next move. Her mother’s caring, though preachy words, begin to fill her mind, blended with the burning desire to seamlessly fit-in at her new school forced upon her by her Father’s periodic work assignments. She catches Lila’s glaring gaze.

“I…I think that’s cool!” Madeleine manages to get out. “So does Jonas do this type of thing a lot?” Madeleine inquires.

“Yeah, of course…It’s his thing!” Lila replies spiritedly.

“Ah, ok.” Madeleine responds thoughtfully “Well…I guess it’s all good then!”  She exclaims with forced merriment.

“You know it is!” Lila responds as she puts her arms around Madeleine’s shoulders and leads her out of the high-school female bathroom.

To Be Continued…





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I am moving.
I am drawn away.
Things are moving forward.
Things are moving away.
Which way should I follow?
Which way should I take?
I sit and wonder…
I act, and still wonder.
Which way should I take?
How long will I wonder?
How long will I sit and consider?
I’m making moves.
I am moving forward.
It is time to move forward…
Forward to a place of tranquility…
Let’s move forward to a place of peace!
I’m moving forward…will you come with me?
I’m moving!



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Life Passages IV – The Stand Out

“What do you want me to do?” 16 year old Madeleine asked her mother; Ellen.
“I don’t want you to anything that your conscience is not already telling you to do.” Replied Ellen
Madeleine takes a deep breath and sighs
“Well I don’t see what the big deal is…everyone does it!” Madeleine snapped back at Ellen.
“Really?” Ellen shakes her head “That’s your justification?” She continued “Look Madeleine, reputation is everything so however you play this will solidify your reputation or break it.” Ellen explained.
Madeleine looks down at her feet. After about 5 pensive seconds she confronts her mother.
“I hear the words that are coming out of your mouth but why do I have to be the lonely “Freak” in the entire school?…It’s bad enough that you named me Madeleine!” She rolls her eyes.
Ellen smiles gently, she finds Madeline’s choice of words somewhat amusing.
“Well lonely “Freak”…” Ellen gestures air quotation marks. “You may be the “freak” now but later on you’ll be the trusted leader of industry, or even political office…or whatever you choose. Can you handle a promising and successful future Madeleine?”
Madeleine rolls her eyes
“Mom, not that future stuff again!”
Madeleine slowly takes a few steps back from her mother.
“I’m glad we had this very boring conversation but I have homework to do.”
Ellen chuckles softly as she watches Madeleine walk away.
“That’s my Scholarly Future Leader!”
“Whatever Mom!” Madeleine shouts back as she continues up the staircase.

…To Be Continued


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Life Passages III – The Exit

“I’m Leaving!” Kyle anxiously announced.
“What?…No!…Kyle, what do you mean you’re leaving?” Beverly responds in disbelief?
“Huh?…What do I mean?!” He scoffs. “Seriously…You really think I should stay under these circumstances Beverly?!”
“It’s not that bad…right?” She tries to placate him. “What can I do to make you stay?”
“At this point Beverly; Nothing!” He proclaims emphatically. “I’ve tried to ignore the problem, I’ve tried to come up with my own creative fix but things
keep getting worse.”
“I will deal with it right now!” Beverly endeavors to assure Kyle.
“You had too many opportunities to do something…” Kyle peers at Beverly. “Sorry, I’m leaving!”
As Kyle turns to walk out the door, Beverly jumps to her feet.
“Kyle, wait!…I’m making the call now…I will report the CEO’s shady dealings.” She said with a stern face.
“We can’t afford to loose you – such a valuable employee!’


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Life Passages II – Bon Voyage

“Sandy can you believe Charlie is gone?!” Melissa said with heaviness in her voice.
“No…no I can’t believe it!…I mean who would have ever thought…” Sandy struggled to get the words out.
“I know…I know…” Melissa interrupted her. “This is just too much to take in. He’s just gone way too soon!”
“I’m sort of crushed on the inside.” Sandy confessed. “I mean he’s so young. How can he leave us now?…It’s just too soon.”
“I guess that’s what happens when you’re the smartest kid in 10th grade in the entire school district.” Melissa said soberly.
“Yep! He gets to start college way, way waayyyy too early!” Sandy bellows out solemnly.
“And in Europe!” Says Melissa.
“Way too early!!” They uttered in unison.


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Life Passages I – Commitment

“Why are you here?” She asks.
“I’m here…I’m here because I have something to say.” He stumbles to communicate.
“Well, what is it then?” She requests adamantly.
“I want to say that this does not make any sense. I don’t need to leave…” He began “I know how I feel and…we can do this. We can most certainly do this. It will only take us hanging in there.”
She sighs. “That sure sounds like a “different tune”” She illustrates with by signing quotation marks. “I have been waiting for you to get it together. I have been waiting for you to show me that you care. Clearly…”
He cuts her off. “I do care. I care very much and we are going to get through this. We are going to get through this together…We just are!”
She pauses and stares right into his eyes. “I hear you…I see you but this better not just be talk. I need to see action.”
He smiles smugly with confidence. “You will see action. You will…I can promise you…”
She interrupts his speech. “Well let’s get to it now…I can’t hear one more word…not one more.”
He takes her hand and the pair walk back into the study room, in the University library and re-join their study group.
In the end he made good on his promise. He remained committed to the remainder of the study time before the start of their semester mid-term exam the following morning.


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The Fall of POMPEII

I had the opportunity to attend a free screening of the soon to be released movie; POMPEII last evening – and in 3D at that. As I scanned the cast list on my trusted IMDb App I was somewhat underwhelmed.

However, one name stuck out to me. Kiefer Sutherland is cast as the villain in this on-screen picture. Yes that’s right – the villiain. It was difficult for me to rationalize initially since I am a huge fan of his on “24” and the compassionate nature of his character on “Touch”. But it is what is and that is acting.

Did Sutherland perform brilliantly as a villain in this movie? Well, you be the judge. I do recommend going to see this film when it opens on February 21st. On a scale of 1 to 10, POMPEII gets an 8. The entire cast did their part to make the film enjoyable to watch overall.

For more information about POMPEII click HERE.


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‘Person of Interest’ finds traction by killing off character | Toronto SUN


As I watched Taraji P. Henson’s character fall to the ground – in horror of course – I cried out; “Why-Oh-Why are they killing her character off?!”

Then I read the following review via Jim Slotek at the Toronto SUN regarding the aftereffects of the CBS show’s plot twist, and began to get a small grasp as to why the show’s writers took this path. Still it hurts not to see Taraji on the screen.

Read more below…

“For a series that’s been spinning its wheels, Person of Interest sure managed to find traction last week…A series that, I’ve always felt, squandered the Earth-rattling implications of its central premise – the all-seeing Machine – turned to the old tactic of killing off a regular character to re-inject a sense of urgency into the show…”

See the full Toronto SUN review HERE.




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‘Almost Human’ theory: Karl Urban a robot | Inside TV |


Karl Urban is a not a human being. Not in the technical sense of the term. Oh, sure, he might look human. He might walk and talk like a human. He might even like to think he’s human. But Karl Urban would be wrong! For Karl Urban is actually an extraordinary machine that has been programmed to think he is Karl Urban. Karl Urban does not know this, though sooner or later, he will, and when he does, Karl Urban will be very sad. Poor Karl Urban!

No, we speak not of the real-world Karl Urban, star of Star Trek andDredd, but the character that this fine actor plays on the new sci-fi buddy cop drama Almost Human, which premiered Sunday night on Fox….See the full EW story here: ‘Almost Human’ theory: Karl Urban a robot | Inside TV |

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Almost Human™ review: This Sci-Fi show is almost perfect – Zap2it


“Almost Human” does one of the hardest things on TV: make a futuristic, science-fiction world seem relevant and familiar to audiences. It helps that the show is, at its heart a buddy-cop story….

…Read the Full Zap2it Review here:

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What’s the SCORE? – A Week of TV Premieres


I know, I know it has been a while since I have posted.  …Life! …Oye!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right?

Well I am here to report on my observations about the first week of  new television premieres for those brand new series which caught my eye, and one Sunday favorite which has returned.

I have given – those I was able to watch thoroughly –  a score between 1 and 10 with 1 being “I don’t plan on ever watching again” to 10 being “I totally LOVE this show!!!”

Take a look at these scores, and pitch in with your own opinion. Give a score of your own, your thoughts about this list or add some other programs you would like to weigh in on.

Here goes:

  • Monday, September 23rdHostages (CBS) – Score: 7
  • Tuesday, September 24thAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC) – Score: 8,5
  • Wednesday, September 25th –  Lucky 7 (ABC) Score: 6.5 
  • Thursday, September 26th –   Michael J Fox Show (NBC)  Score: 9
  • Friday, September 27th Master Chef Junior Edition (FOX) Score:
  • Sunday, September 29th Once Upon A Time (ABC) Score: 7.5
Since no program scored a “1”, I watched them each again to determine whether their initial score would stick. They all pretty much did.
So this is my #TVWatch2Cents, what’s yours?

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Michael J Fox Returns to NBC This Fall


Michael J. Fox returns to television this Fall!

Is anyone else as excited as I am?

Ok, so the thing is Family Ties was actual appointed family television viewing in my house as a kid.

I was a huge fan of the character, Alex P Keaton played by Fox on the sitcom. Alex was unapologetic about his unique beliefs, as a teenager, and had the most entertaining approach to all his passions…and shenanigans. Though it appeared that he throughly annoyed his siblings and was at times tolerated by his parents, who could resist falling for this one-of-a-kind, and outspoken character of that television period.

Although his Family Ties character stands out most prominently for me, Fox is also memorable for movies – Back to the Future anyone? –  and other television progams like Spin City where he also served as Executive Producer. There was also much talk about his appearances on The Good Wife recently.


Despite his personal battle with Parkinson’s disease, since he was diagnosed in 1991, Fox continues to be a brave face of activism for the illness. He is unashamedly outspoken, and not afraid to laugh at himself. This is quite evident in his upcoming series; The Michael J Fox Show scheduled to premiere on NBC on September 26th.

The sitcom will be based on Fox’s own life. The premise is:

“After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Mike Henry had to give up his career as a news anchor and focus on his health and his family. Five years later, Mike decides to get back to work and struggles between family and career.”

From what I have seen thus far, it appears that the program will provide organic and an authentic belly-full-of-laughs.  Please see a video trailer, photographs and more about the upcoming series here: The Michael J Fox Show | A Family Comedy | Pics & Videos | NBC. ….And be sure to check it out next month!



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The Return of “Suits” | USA Network


I have this sneaking suspicion that USA Network does this to folks like me on purpose. I have been anxiously waiting for what seems like an entire year – pardon my dramatics – for the return of Suits on USA Network.

In terms of breathelessly sitting at the edge of my proverbial seat to see what happens next, Suits comes pretty close to ABC’s Scandal in my book. The show revolves around the relationship of a savvy lawyer and his highly intelligent associate whose fraudulent based employment may totally unravel this season….But, I maybe getting ahead of myself.

Suave, Class, Elegance …are just a few words I use describe the overall feel of the show. Unlike the somewhat more down-to-earth and people-friendly atmosphere of another one of my favorite “lawyer programs”; Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime TV, Suits is perched from a fancy high rise law firm with cutting edge deals and high-stake opportunities. Moreso, to match its name, the lead characters; Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams simply look good doing it!

With that said, I eagerly await the new season opener tonight at 10pm. Until then check out this clip from tonight’s broadcast: Suits | USA Network.



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Paula Deen Challenge: Hit Me With a Rock And Kill Me |

Paula Deen Speake Out!

With a very tearful declaration Paula Deen spoke to the Today show’s Matt Lauer about how the controversy over her accusations, of offensively using the “N-Word”, has affected her and defined “her truth”.

She even proclaimed that she has received the support of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and that anyone whose said anything in their lives that they wish they could take back should simply stone her – reminiscent of the biblical lesson where Jesus urged a crowd ready to punish a woman caught in adultery; “He who has no sin, cast the first stone” (paraphase).

What are your thoughts on Paula’s response to this rather contentious issue?

You can view the very emotional television appearance via the following link:

Paula Deen Challenge: Hit Me With a Rock And Kill Me |


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Relentless – A Short Story


Meet Flora Gerber….

Flora grew up in a large extended family but everyone in her family had to work very hard to maintain the very basics – shelter, food, water, clothes. “Everyone” included Flora. Flora began working at the age of 13. Back then she helped to organize the local Grocer’s stock in the storage room.

Now 23, and a mother to a 5 year old girl named Rebecca, Flora was anxious to give her daughter a different life than what she experienced. Flora barely made it through High School. There were so many distractions around her. From having to miss school to work extra hours at the Grocery store, and even as a maid, in order to bail her brother out of jail at least once every 3 months.

College, though a dream was not on the schedule for Flora following High School. There was no money to pay for it and Flora’s family automatically depended on her to keep cash flowing through the home just to keep up with the bills.

Flora found herself sinking into depression. She couldn’t afford to attend her prom. Her family did congratulate her on graduating from high school with a special meal one night but the occasion soon turned into a send-off for her brother’s – what seemed like – 50th arrest. It was actually the 4th time George had been in trouble and the family worried that he would not just get a “slap-on-the-wrist” this time.

Flora thought to herself, “Is this what my life will be about? – “Will I continue to work hard yet not really accomplishing anything?”

She was certainly discouraged at this point. She figured it was pointless to continue to walk a straight-line when all her effort was unappreciated and going to waste.


Flora began to keep the wrong company which led to corruptible habits. She also began to receive attention from a lowly and notorious individual. Ralph incited rebellion and mischief among the young people in the neighborhood. He also owned and managed the only night spot in the small town. As a result of becoming frequent at Ralph’s “night club” and being entertained by his attention, Rebecca was conceived.

However, after 5 years Flora still struggles to see Ralph truly accept responsibility for his daughter. Legal action has also been futile in the small town where “money talks”.

Flora knew that something had to change. She knew that she could not continue to live in her neighborhood for her daughter’s sake. Something had to change, and change soon!

Flora then took a chance. She persuaded her mother to watch Rebecca at nights and took a night shift as a waitress in the city nearby. She was determined to earn the resources needed to begin evening classes, also in the city. Of course she twisted her mother’s arm to watch Rebecca for more hours each day. Whatever was required, Flora was determined to find a solution to improve her own, as well as her daughter’s life.

Naturally distractions worked their way in. Manuel constantly found ways to extend Flora’s time at the small grocery store. It didn’t seem to matter to him that she started her shift at 6am and needed to leave promptly at 2pm in order to travel to collect Rebecca before heading off to school and a late late shift at her new gig, at a new upscale bar and club in the city.

This was Flora’s schedule most days of the week. She did have break from classes 2 nights of the week since she made a Saturday morning class and arranged a later Saturday shift with Manuel. Manuel also harassed Flora. He consistently told her that she didn’t have to work so hard. He was prepared to marry her and give herself and Rebecca a home. Flora comes close to vomiting every time she hears this. She finds even the concept of Manuel’s offer reprehensible. After all he is old enough to be her Father and isn’t the best kept or best smelling man. It was utterly Gross in Flora’s opinion. Still, Manuel didn’t let-up. Flora heard his offer at least 3 times a week.

Flora persevered beyond the obstacles, beyond the criticism and beyond any set-back, which tried to wedge its way in and serve as a detour.

Flora’s unrelenting focus led her to earn a scholarship. This meant she could quit one of her jobs. To Manuel’s and her family’s dismay – who also agreed that Manuel’s marriage proposal was a good one – Flora quit the Grocery job and spent time seeking day-time work in the city. This did make her feel immensely guilty, since this meant relying on her family more to the detriment of her daughter’s mental health, in her mind’s eye. Still Flora knew it was temporary and a necessary sacrifice.

Then she did it! It was a small step but Flora scored a day-time job as a bookkeeper with a small business in the city. Flora eventually worked hard enough and studied ferociously enough to acquire an affordable place of her own in the city. Now Rebecca could be with her full-time, with the exception of the time spent at the jovial Mrs. Lowrey. Mrs. Lowrey is Flora’s neighbor who routinely watches the children in the building. Since her husband past away, the sixty-something Mrs. Lowery welcomes the company of the children of the many hard working parents at the housing unit.

Flora is on her way to becoming a certified accountant. Her time as a cashier led her to fall in love with numbers. She has successfully completed a year of night classes and is prepared for the possibilities on the road ahead.

Where that road would take her? Stay tuned for more about what lies ahead for this relentless Flora Gerber.


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The Official, Unofficial Start to My Summer


Yes! May 3rd finally arrived and I am anxiously awaiting the moment when I surender to that comfy theater chair and take-in the much anticipated Iron Man 3.

No, I didn’t go see it on opening night (S0 please don’t spill any details). I can’t enjoy it quite as much with throngs of individuals packed into the cinema.  I will be there however…strategically at the right moment.

The film already attracted $15.6 million in North America, on it’s Thursday night opening. Collectively, with its  internationally releases, the blockbuster has already earned $361 million. The number is expected to increase by approximately another 100+ million by the end of the weekend.

Nothing new, right? Each year flashy, big budget, action packed films rake in the dough like clockwork. While many scholars of the art form don’t take too kindly to this, movies like Iron Man 3, the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, The Wolverine etc offer adrenalizing fun through fantasy. After all, isn’t that what the warmer months are synonymous with? – Fun, Escape, Get-Away….?

So while my body takes a break from frigid and uncomfortable temps, I look forward to launching my mind into the world of super heroes, super intelligence, super strength and Super Fun!

Don’t get me wrong, I have my sight set on the artistic and story driven films as well – we’ll discuss those in another post. The Great Gatsby, among others, is also on my list!

Now Let My Official, Un-official Summer Begin!



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Getting Up!

Once again, the timely, instructional and revelatory Life Sucks series at The Bridge DC  is having a profound affect.

It is clearly evident, as life evolves, that there is always more to learn. One thing I have learned for sure is that the degree to which one “suffers” is the degree to which one grows.

I am aware that I am in no way alone in experiencing adversity, as there is nothing new under the sun (although recently it has launched me into a sphere I had not been previously).  Still, being broken down is necessary in order to be built up, to be restructured, to be refined. I have concluded that pain has its purpose. Therefore, in response to this revelation, via the weekly Life Sucks series and inner reflection, the following emerged:

Ladydewriter-Get Up-4-30-13

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Dreaming…Believing… “Girl Rising”


I can never do this film justice with any of my diagnosis – In short, to all Mothers, Fathers, Godparents, Teachers, Mentors etc, Girl Rising is a Must-See and I encourage you to expose the beloved young women in your lives to this film.

The documentary reveals the stories of 9 girls in varied parts of the world who are faced with what seems like insurmountable, even painful circumstances but acquire strength from their dreams and their belief that there must be a better life than their current reality.

I left the theater inspired by each of the young women. Each story resonated with me and renewed my “child-like” faith that the Sky-Is-The-Limit!

I can watch this film again and again. I’m elated that I was able to catch the special 1 week re-release on the big screen, but identifying a DVD copy will defintely be the next step in order to share with as many Girls as possible.

In the interim, please see the trailer of Girl Rising Here.

Still, beyond this film there is a cause. The movie is just the beginning. It is also a movement to ensure that Girls everywhere are provided with the opportunity to get an education thus leading to a changed and improved world. Learn more about the movement to Educate Girls Here



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Feeling A Little “Defiance”?


I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the premiere of the Syfy series, Defiance last Monday evening.

They say that the first 10 minutes of a film is crucial and the first ten of the 2 hour series opener, of Defiance, sure did what it was supposed to do. Now it’s Monday again and I have high exceptations of the 2nd episode.

Hopefully for the show it won’t lull, and keeps up the momentum.  I will be watching and be back with more thoughts. However, if you’re watching too, don’t hesitate to chime in! I would love to learn what you think about the television program!

Defiance airs each Monday on the Syfy network at 9pm ET. The cast is led by Grant Bowler (fondly remembered from the ABC series, Ugly Betty) and Stephanie Leonidas. Their characters direct us through the experience of a new world developed as a result of a war which arose when a collective group of aliens, called Votans, came to earth several years prior. “After decades of war, a ceasefire is declared when both sides realise they must focus on survival on this new almost alien planet.” Presently we meet Grant Bowler’s character – Jeb Nolan – serving as Cheif Lawkeeper of the town of Defiance and working to protect its community from deviant humans, aliens, military scvangers and whoever else poses a threat to Defiance.


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Life does Suck…But There Is Hope

I was inspired to pen some short verses following the first installment of the series, Life Sucks at The Bridge DC on April 7th. 

I then decided I would post it here for all to see, particularly in light of the recent unfortunate events in Boston. 

Life does Suck sometimes, and it just does not seem Fair!

However, I am of the opinion that there is Hope…there is a Light where a connection can be made and the opportunity to thrive from the inside-out. The circumstances around us may not change but there is great comfort in being able to call on a Great Friend to walk us through it. 

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives, and all of the injured from the Boston Marathon Bombing on Monday, April 15th, 2013. 

Here is what came to mind: 



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A Salute To A Personal Hero


I was half way through another post when I learned about the death of Film Guru, Roger Ebert. I tossed and turned about posting my original story or listening to the rumbles in my mind to honor a personal hero.

I have admired Roger Ebert for many, many years. As a child, when the movie bug bit me, I would hang on his every word on the television program, “Siskel & Ebert”. Ebert’s diagnosis of film was gospel, in my book.As we both grew older and his life drastically changed, I admired his willingness to fight on and persevere. Despite being diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in 2002 and follow-up surgeries – through 2008 – which resulted in his inability to speak and to eat, Ebert didn’t miss a movie opening. His platform changed from television to article posts online, but his trusted voice was still heard and carried just as much weight as it always had.

Oprah Winfrey is quoted as describing the passing of Roger Ebert as the “end of an era”. I am in full agreement with that sentiment. I cannot envision anyone else who can fill his shoes at the moment. Maybe because it is too soon to tell, or simply since I am overcome with prejudicial bias.

Even President Barack Obama commented on Ebert’s passing. The president said; “Roger was the movies … [he could capture] the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical … The movies won’t be the same without Roger”.

Oh how right POTUS is! He has described Roger Ebert and his talent perfectly! As I read his final review, completed 2 days before his death, I was once again whisked away to “somewhere magical”.

I would like to go on a limb and declare that we would be hard-pressed to find someone like Roger Ebert again. But the wounds are still fresh and I am certain that there is similar talent in the world today, equip to fill Roger Ebert’s large and eloquent shoes. I can only hope to come close.

Cheers Roger!



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